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Hope House Activities

We currently offer a number of activities to people of all ages including:

  • Kids club for ages 4-10
  • Youth club with disco and activities 11-16
  • Activities for ages 17-24
  • Open age football team
  • Internet and computer suite
  • Personal development and mentoring
  • Life coaching
  • Positive parenting groups
  • Supplementary education
  • Aim high programme
  • Job search and CV development
  • Community days and outings
  • Meetings, events and workshops

Kids and volunteers having fun at Hope House


Our Main Purpose

Is to provide the communities of Skelmersdale with following:

1. Kids and Youth Club

Click here for our timetable of activities.

  • Kids Club - Aged 4 -10: Games, activities, outings and prizes
  • Youth Club - Aged 11-16: Snooker, table tennis, basketball, Nintendo Wii etc
  • Older young people - Aged 17-24: Social interaction, games, DJ time etc
  • We managed a Football team over the years called Lakewood FC in the 2003-2006 seasons and now Skem legends FC from 2008 till present winning league championships, tournaments, league cups and National competition see here for our football photo gallery.
We took our team of children and young people to London for an Athletics Championship annual event and have come back with medals, as well as enjoying great day out at Barnet Copthal Stadium, London.

2. Volunteering

We have taken on some volunteers with the view to giving them opportunity to work in the relevant bare of their studies. This will prepare them for the employment world.

3. Crime Reduction and Prevention

  • Crime reduction with diversionary activities
  • Personal development and life coaching
  • Mentoring for empowerment
  • Working with Shogun World Martial Arts to reduce crime through self discipline and self esteem building using Ju-Jitsu.

4. Family Support

  • Marriages and relationship guidance
  • Parent and children groups
  • Parent groups
  • Workshops and seminars
  • We have materials that could be borrowed from the library for home use.

5. Healthcare Sector Support

  • Mental health
  • Physical health in aerobics, Ju-Jitsu
  • Emotional health for a healthy mind
  • Healthy eating, we have a cafe to support this matter.

6. New and Proposed Activities

With the re-opening of the site at Hope House in Little Digmoor and the Dream Centre in Carfield, we are looking to provide a wider range of groups and services. Some of the new and exciting activities include:

  • Jujitsu and self defence
  • Fitness club and gym aerobics
  • Women and domestic violence group
  • Music workshop including instruments, dance and drama
  • Breakfast club
  • Debt counseling, savings club and money management
  • Further diversionary activities for youths
  • Speed reading to help ADHD victims.

Click here to see our activities photo gallery.

Kidz Youth Club

Hope House Projects, Hope House, 35 Acregate, Skelmersdale, Lancs, WN8 9LX
Tel: 01695 721400 - Email: info@hopehouseproject.com
Registered charity number: 1125559



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