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In this section you will find information about Hope House Projects, aswell as a list of the trustees and committee members.


Hope House Projects was established in 1992.

The charity started in response to the prevalent need it was faced with when 30 children and young people suddenly stormed into one of our meeting. They said they had nothing to do and nowhere to go. We entertained them and they came back again and again. They enjoyed it so much and the work just continued from there and has grown to the point of reaching thousands of young people in kids club, youth club, after school club and schools (Primary and High) assembly settings since its inception.

The problem of today's generation can be easily solved if the adult population will meet the top 2 needs of every children and young person ie.

  1. somewhere to go and
  2. something to do there. It's that simple. It's been a pleasure meeting these need.

Committee Members and Trustees

The trustees of the project are:

  • Mr Anthony Adegbenro
  • Mrs Elaine Smith
  • Ms Dola Awodeyi
  • Mr Scott Jones

The advisory committee members are:

  • Mr David Ashley (Education)
  • Mr Harry Singha (Youth Work)
  • Mr Pete Cooley (Council)
  • Mr S George (Community)
  • Mr David Downes (Mora/Spiritual)
  • Mr Trevor Hodson (School Work)
  • Ms Esther O'Sullivan (Childrens Work)
  • Mr Solola (Social Enterprise)

Chief Executive - Mr Anthony Adegbenro

Our Chief Executive has been in children, young people and community service for 26 years. He has worked with organisation from London, Liverpool and now Skelmersdale in West Lancashire.

As a father of 3 University students, he has a great love for family development. This took him into Life and youth coaching studies in the years past. This knowledge he has used to manage 2 different youth football teams in two different cities winning league championship, League Cups and tournament trophies year after year.

He has heavily invested himself into children, young people, families, schools work and is well known for his passion for personal development of any individual that come his way. A great credit to his organisation and many others that he has assisted, advised or helped one way or another.

He is a great fundraiser too, with success in some applications especially in securing £348,250 from the Community asset fund to refurbish 2 buildings given to the project by the West Lancashire Council in recognition of the projects work in the town of Skelmersdale.

Hope House Documents

Please read the following documents to learn more about us.


We have received a number of references from prominant local organistions. A few of them are available here for you to view.

Power Point Presentations

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Hope House Projects, Hope House, 35 Acregate, Skelmersdale, Lancs, WN8 9LX
Tel: 01695 721400 - Email: info@hopehouseproject.com
Registered charity number: 1125559



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